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The SD-WAN network is a network that allows network administrators to programmatically initialize, control, change and manage network behavior dynamically and provide abstraction of lower-level functionality.

SD-WAN technology greatly simplifies management and operation of WAN networks esp. by separating data plane from control plane and the advanced mechanisms of application traffic detection, monitoring and control per user or user group. SD-WAN architecture is transport independent, operates across any combination of public or private circuits, and enables secure connectivity to enterprise data centers, cloud compute and SaaS applications.

According to Gartner and IDC, SD-WAN networks are the fastest growing technology trend in the area of ​​network technologies.

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We also offer SD-LAN and SD-WLAN solutions to build centrally managed, secure branches.


According to analysts, any business that’s significantly using SaaS applications, has it’s systems integrated with cloud (hybrid/private cloud, Google, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS) or has a substantial number of branch office locations or a large number of mobile workers should seriously consider implementation of SD-WAN solutions.

Traditional WANs were not architected for the cloud and are also poorly suited to the security requirements associated with distributed and cloud-based applications. And, while hybrid WAN emerged to meet some of these next-generation connectivity challenges, SD-WAN builds on hybrid WAN to offer a more complete solution.” – IDC – Rohit Mehra.

SD-WAN is an ideal answer to the needs of dynamic, multi-branch companies using on daily basis their MPLS-based VPNs, for whom reliability, speed, network security and cost control are crucial.

The stability, security and reliability of the SD-WAN technology makes it a key component of the Internet of Things solutions (IoT).


Implementation of the SD-WAN solutions affects:

  • RELIABILITY – increased availability and reliability of network services with Active-Active architecture, Packet Duplication, Forward Error Correction (FEC), and real-time traffic management;
  • EFFICIENCY – delivery of high-performance networks by bonding all available links (MPLS, Internet, LTE);
  • COSTS – traffic optimization combined with mechanisms of connectivity loss prevention as well as efficient use of all links results in lower costs;
  • SECURITY – advanced DPI inspection, built-in firewall, granular RBAC control, and encryption of all traffic with frequently changing keys result in enhanced data security and user security;
  • CLOUD ACCESS – SD-WAN technology allows to create a secure local Internet break-out to connect cloud providers in easy, secure and simple way;
  • AVAILABILITY – real-time monitoring of services and applications and proactive traffic bandwidth shaping per application and user group;
  • FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY – dynamic and fully automatic assignment of the required bandwidth for key applications, Zero Touch Provisioning technology for fast branch network creation, scalability to up to several thousand devices;
  • TIME – centralized monitoring and management of the entire network coupled with maximum automation of administrative activities reduces the time required to modify WANs to the minimum.


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SD-WAN presents persuasive price for its potential to defray MPLS prices, simplify and automate WAN operations, strengthen software traffic management, and dynamically deliver on the value and effectiveness advantages connected with smart path assortment.” – IDC analysts Rohit Mehra, Brad Casemore and Nav Chandler.


We offer:

  • professional services related to TCO analysis and deployment analysis of the SD-WAN network in the Customer’s environment;
  • Proof-Of-Concept;
  • delivery of comprehensive solution;
  • implementation and integration with existing network environment and security layer;
  • post-implementation support;
  • maintenance services;
  • training and workshops;
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